By Louis D. Thorpe

Truth about lies

I'm like John Scott-Railton, who is "chasing digital badness". Not really, just thought I'd give you a taste of what a real researcher sounds like and what an agenda-driven spy who is trying to manipulate you for political purposes, sounds like.

I'm a real researcher.

In a nutshell, in my world, the situational, ethical standards (which make them professional liars) of people like Nikki Haley and Rick Santorum are irrelevant and I am forever amused when the media gives them a platform to spread their garbage.

But this is about the garbage that John Scott-Railton spreads, so this is what he sounds like;

First and foremost, his first tweet is pinned so nobody will miss it. "Reminder: NEVER tweet unconfirmed names. This form will send your submitted information to Bellingcat (www.bellingcat.com) in collaboration with others, including John Scott-Railton (@jsrailton)"

In other words, if these cover up artists receive anything they wish to conceal, they will deploy Bonesaw Tactics to keep the truth buried.

Am I speculating? Yes, and I am entitled to an opinion because I am an expert on how politically motivated assassins get away with murder.

John Scott-Railton amuses me, especially comments like; "Reminder: good reporting like this happens when people are careful and NEVER tweet unconfirmed names. If you feel strong certainty about a specific identity, the @FBI has a tip line:" and "Most inspiring part of the story for me: Informal groups that work carefully through masses of material & keep high standards doing collaborations with reporters."

We have never had good reporting when it comes to solving politically motivated murders and it is therefore clear and obvious that the only intent of an intelligent spy like John Scott-Railton is to conceal the truth.

Consequently, for the benefit of all the tireless, badass sleuths who are making the world safe for democracy, I am claiming credit for unmasking America's most vile domestic terrorist in American history (since J. Edgar Hoover) pictured above, and if you have the ability to identify, please notify the FBI.

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